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Equilibrium IT Solutions recently donated 14 Herman Miller cubical workstations to help NorthPointe Resources furnish its offices, allowing staff to continue their important mission of helping service adults with disabilities.Glen Hampton

“EQ is proud to support such a terrific organization that is really making a difference in people’s lives!  EQ has been very fortunate over the last 12 years, you could even say blessed!  It seemed wrong to keep such nice furniture in storage. It felt very right to give it away so it could be used by such deserving folks. Our two organizations being connected by a Craig’s List ad posting, followed by a quick visit to inspect the furniture and in short order everything worked out so well!” -Glen Hampton

Thank You to everyone who helped make NorthPointe Resources’ annual fundraising event a success!

We exceeded our financial goals and a good time was had by all!

A special thank you to our guest speakers Charles and Wendy Shaffer and Michael and Mary Jo Kollross. Your words touched the hearts of every one who attended.

And a sincere heart-felt thank you to the volunteers:

Lona Massong and Laura Dmytrenko for assembling the auction baskets and making them look so beautiful!


  • Amelia Jackson for managing the selfie station.
  • Mike Kollross for going outside his comfort zone and soliciting gift certificates from local businesses.
  • Terri Seidler for stepping in at the last minute to run the matchbook game.
  • Janet Eppers for selling raffle tickets and assisting with the matchbook game.
  • Kathleen Kettman for working the reception desk.
  • Michael Kettman for working the reception desk, selling raffle tickets and managing the cash boxes.
  • Kristen Hudrick for selling raffle tickets and assisting with clean up.
  • Kristin Krok for taking over the MC responsibilities.
  • John Hudrick for helping with  cleanup.
  • Krystine Miluski for manning the coffee station and trivia game.
  • Dean Smith for delivery of supplies.
  • Hank Rabine for clean up and transportation.

And all of the folks who gave of their time and talent in support of NorthPointe Resources.


The Illinois budget impasse has had an impact on everyone throughout the state. That is especially true for community based service organizations such as NorthPointe Resources.  Organizations that are the backbone of our communities as they provide services to our family, friends, and neighbors most in need of assistance.  Organizations working with resources that are nearly half of the national average as a percentage of our state income.  Now, amidst the worst budget outlook community providers have ever had to face, we find our problems escalating as we confront the Direct Support Professional (DSP) workforce crisis.

Because of the vital work DSPs perform every day, persons with disabilities are able to live full, meaningful and active lives in their communities. The DSPs support them in all aspects of their daily lives and are responsible for their health, safety and well-being.  Yet, for the last 15 years, reimbursement rates from the state for the DSP wage have risen just $.79/hour and in Illinois have an average hourly wage of 9.35 per hour. Caring people who want to dedicate their lives to serving others simply cannot afford to consider direct service work as a viable employment option.

Because of the low wages DSP turn-over rates in Illinois are in excess of 30%, and this is the key reason that the state was recently found to be in non-compliance with binding court orders to provide adequate care to the communities DSPs serve. State policy makers need to acknowledge that persons with disabilities must be supported by skilled staff working and cannot be paid poverty-level wages. This refusal to value the work of DSPs has led to the crisis we face today, and threatens the core of the entire system of care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Illinois.

Join the campaign to urge our leaders in Springfield to Value their Lives – Value the Work and Raise the Wage for Direct Support Professionals.

Help us spread the word! In the coming weeks we will be posting new information and sending updates because we believe it is important that everyone takes action on this important issue. Here is what you can do:

Spread the word among your personal and professional networks. Inspire your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to do the same.

Engage in our online communityFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Contact your local legislators

In the coming weeks you will be hearing from us about more ways that you can become involved and take action on this very important issue.

We can’t wait any longer for a solution. The time to act is now.

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