For Families Impacted by Intellectual Disability

The Disability Research Program at Wheaton College, in collaboration with Vanderbilt University, invites you to participate in an anonymous survey to help understand and improve the quality of life for families impacted by intellectual disability. www.wheaton.edu/FQOL-study

If you are the parent or primary caregiver/legal guardian of an individual of any age with an intellectual disability you can take the online version of the survey by clicking on the link:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/disabilityresearch (or copying it into a web browser). 


 David: Full-Time Employment Aligns with his Education, Training, and Interests

David wanted to find and keep work that aligned with his training Certificate and Associate’s degree from a local community college. David’s job search included a combination of coaching, job applications, interviews, employer visits, and informational interviews.

David found the job he was looking for and after 7 months David reports that he loves his job and his co-workers; His co-workers and supervisors are incredibly supportive and above all, David loves the fact that he is doing the work that he went to school for and that he is trained to do. “I’m focused on productivity and doing good work,” he reported. “The job helps me to interact with all different type of people.” David shared that he is constantly looking to get to the next level.

Future goals for David include paying off his student loans, getting a better car, and as some point getting his place and living on his own. David reports that he would like to give back to the community by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.




Thank You, Mr. Super Clean!

NorthPointe would like to thank Don Hutson and his brother Dan Hutson from Mr. Super Clean. NorthPointe has relied on the services of the family owned carpet cleaning business for several years. Recently, we needed the carpets and upholstery cleaned at one of our community homes but, due to the state budget crisis, we were unable to afford the service at that time. When Don learned of our situation, he offered to do the job at no charge. Now the residents of that home are enjoying clean carpets and upholstery thanks to the generous gift from Mr. Super Clean.

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Thank you, Penny Mustard Furnishings in Vernon Hills!


The Penny Mustard Furnishings store in Lincolnshire wanted to help their customers donate their old furniture when they bought new items at their store. NorthPointe Resources is in need of high quality, very gently used home furnishings for use in their community homes.  Penny Mustard and NorthPointe formed a partnership to satisfy both their needs. Now, when buyers purchase new items at Penny Mustard’s Lincolnshire location, they are provided with a brochure about NorthPointe Resources and their donation needs. The customer can call NorthPointe to offer to donate their items. Once NorthPointe has approved the donation, they will schedule a pick-up of the items. The customer is able to feel good about their donation, Penny Mustard has made their customer happy and NorthPointe receives some fantastic items for use in the community homes. It’s a win-win-win! 

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Illinois lawmakers approved a partial spending plan Thursday, June 30 that would ensure schools stay open another year and give colleges and human services programs funding for six months,.

The temporary budget calls for a $673 million increase for social services, but that’s only about 65 percent of what is owed on services provided from July 2015 through the end of this year. Details have not been provided regarding a payment timeline.

While the crisis has deepened in the absence of a state budget, social services agencies have been struggling for much longer. There has been more than a decade of neglect for social services.

Many agencies have closed and others have been forced to raid reserves and take out loans for daily operations, still others have made deep cuts, and could soon close their doors

Illinois, on average, owes $525,000 to every agency that is waiting for payment on state contracts. Those agencies have accumulated an estimated $37.7 million in debt.

Keep letting your legislators know that Human Services in Illinois need to be funded fairly Call today and tell them
Please make sure human service organizations are reimbursed at a level that enables them to continue to provide services.”If something isn’t done, more agencies will close, people with lose vital services and Illinois workers will lose their jobs.

There is nothing more impactful than your phone calls and outreach.
Please ask your family, friends and neighbors to help get the message to our politicians!

CLICK HERE for contact information

DON’T FORGET to share the information on social media





Join the campaign to urge our leaders in Springfield to Value their Lives – Value the Work and Raise the Wage for Direct Support Professionals.

Help us spread the word! In the coming weeks we will be posting new information and sending updates because we believe it is important that everyone takes action on this important issue. Here is what you can do:

Spread the word among your personal and professional networks. Inspire your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to do the same.

Engage in our online communityFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Contact your local legislators

In the coming weeks you will be hearing from us about more ways that you can become involved and take action on this very important issue.

We can’t wait any longer for a solution. The time to act is now.

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