Residential Services

Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) offers residents a variety of
supported housing arrangements in the community to encourage community participation.

NorthPointe opened its first residential home in 1992. Since that time, services have expanded to 17 homes and also include intermittent living arrangements.

Fostering independence and a connection to the community for residents is a focus at NorthPointe. CILA home residents are offered a range of experiences from cultural outings, attending park district activities, and church services to visiting local health clubs. Residents are also taught a variety of daily living skills by sharing daily housekeeping responsibilities including gardening and household errands such as grocery shopping and banking.

24/7 Support
Around-the-clock support.

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CILA Intermittent Support
Ready to live in an apartment?

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Life Skills
Information about participation in the program and the costs.

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Residential Picnics Are Back!

Were you able to join us last year for our picnics? If not you missed a great time and we would love to see you this year. Food, fun, and family… our residents enjoy spending time with you! Picnics are a great time for family and friends of CILA to get together and have fun.

We will be scheduling a picnic at each house beginning in June and they will be scheduled through-out the summer to early fall. Bring your families, your yard games, an appetite and come ready to have fun! Please watch your mail/email for more information.

Dog Therapy at CILA

Thanks to his owners Steven Bourgeois and Ken Pacione, many smiles were shared during our first experience with our four-legged volunteer, Doogie. Along with his owners, Doogie is trained as a therapy pet. Doogie demonstrates appropriate socialization and an ability to remain calm in tense situations.

Dog Therapy at CILA
Positive interactions with animals have been known to increase mental and physical health, including lowering blood pressure, decreasing anxiety, and reducing loneliness and depression. We plan to offer this experience for residents who want to participate and do not have allergies, fears, or other concerns. And to assure a good experience for all involved, interactions will be structured and supervised.

Growing Fresh Vegetables

As Wellness Champions, Healthy eating is an agency-wide initiative at NorthPointe. The importance of healthy eating extends to the CILA homes where residents enjoy planting and caring for their vegetable gardens as much as they enjoy their harvest. 

Growing Fresh Vegetables
Last year, CILA VP Kristen Hedrick added to the harvest when she gave the homes tomato plants to grow in their gardens. Great weather yielded a bountiful crop of delicious tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

If you are interested in contributing plants or being involved in the care of the gardens, please let us know. Your help and expertise would be greatly appreciated. Please call 847-872-1700 ext.794 for more information or email