HealthMatters™ at Aspire

Aspire believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and
provides numerous opportunities for individuals to participate in health promotion activities.

Peer-to-Peer HealthMessages

Peer-to-Peer HealthMessages
In 2014, a program offered by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the University of Illinois at Chicago, was implemented to better inform people with I/DD about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Evidence-based CAP HealthMatters

CAP HealthMatters
This program is designed to encourage participants in making healthy lifestyle choices. Participants learn the importance of diet and can increase their activity level by participating in morning exercise classes.


The HealthMatters Program is a collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago, and ARCA (New Mexico) that aims to improve the health of people with I/DD. Programs include:

  • Health promotion training and education
  • HealthMessages Program
  • Customized training for health promotion and advocacy
  • HealthMatters 4Kids

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