HealthMatters™ at NorthPointe

NorthPointe Resources believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and
provides numerous opportunities for individuals to participate in health promotion activities.

CAP HealthMatters

CAP HealthMatters
Utilizing the CAP HealthMatters Program, NorthPointe’s program is evidence-based and designed to support program participants in making healthy lifestyle choices. We empower participants to choose long-term healthier lifestyles through knowledge and awareness of diet and the importance of increased activity, including exercise classes.

HealthMatters classes are held three days a week for 12 weeks and focus on nutrition and physical strengthening activities.

Peer-to-Peer HealthMessages

Peer-to-Peer HealthMessages
In 2014, NorthPointe implemented a program offered by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the University of Illinois at Chicago to better inform people with I/DD about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Three teams were appointed, each consisting of a Healthy Lifestyle coach (self-advocate) and a mentor. One of the Healthy Lifestyle coaches, James C. James and Maria Avila, his mentor, taught the HealthMessages Program to 10 consumers. The class met once a week for 12 weeks.

James welcomed the opportunity to become a leader and self-advocate among his peers, and to engage others and teach them about their health.

CAP HealthMatters Program

The HealthMatters Program is a collaboration between NorthPointe, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and ARCA (New Mexico) that aims to improve the health of people with I/DD. Programs include:

  • Health promotion training and education
  • HealthMessages Program
  • Customized training for health promotion and advocacy
  • HealthMatters 4Kids

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