Groups to Join

Getting together to expand skills and experiences.

NorthPointe offers a variety of groups that program participants can join. Participation is based on an individual’s skills, interests, physical abilities, level of socialization, and therapeutic benefits.

There are many reasons we encourage group participation. Joining a group can offer a new avenue for expression, interests, and fun. It can have therapeutic benefits, and may help promote an individual’s self-interests and build self-confidence.

Joining a group also offers the opportunity to learn new skills, use existing skills within a team, and experience the benefit of socialization through group activities and teamwork.

Smile Mark PlayersThe Consumer Council

Groups to join include:

  • Smile Mark Players
    (theater group)
  • Equestrian Connections
    (horseback riding)
  • The Consumer Council.
    Elected by their peers, the Consumer Councils’ purpose is to advocate, educate, and empower individuals to improve their lives and the lives of others with disabilities as it relates to work, home, and community.