At NorthPointe Resources, we believe that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) know their circumstances best—as individuals and as groups—and that they are best equipped to advocate for people with I/DD.

It is important that they speak or act on their behalf or on behalf of other people with disabilities, whether the issue is personal (e.g., housing, work, friends) or related to public policy.

NorthPointe offers opportunities to participate in self-advocacy initiatives and strongly encourages program participants to be involved. NorthPointe believes that participation in self-advocacy contributes to the knowledge and the experience that all individuals, organizations, and government entities must have in order to respond effectively to the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities.

It is important to support the continually growing role that self-advocacy groups play in developing leadership and increasing people’s pride, influence, and opportunities.

Learn about ANCOR’s
National Advocacy campaign here.

The Illinois Self-Advocacy Alliance for Change
(The Alliance)

Recently, NorthPointe was chosen as the Lake County representative organization for the Illinois Self-Advocacy Alliance for Change (The Alliance) as a liaison with the community. The Alliance is a statewide team of self-advocacy groups that work together to make life and services better for people with I/DD in our communities.

The Illinois Self-Advocacy for Change

Brian D., Member

Advocacy brings change and empowerment.
– Brian D., member