Choice Matters Program

Continuously expanding, the Choice Matters Program is designed to focus on the goals and strengths of the participants. Classes include daily living skills, recreational and social activities, creative expression, health, and exercise. Classes are available on an hourly or daily basis.


Every day the LifeSkills Program provides participants experiences that support higher levels of self-sufficiency, advocacy, self-responsibility, leadership, and health.

Past and present class curricula have included horticulture, social skills, photography, social studies, health and wellness, horseback riding, computer knowledge and skills, art and other creative activities, science, astronomy, and history.

New Choice Matters class sessions are scheduled every six weeks and cover a wide scope of subject matter.

To help ensure continued success and self-improvement for Choice Matters Program participants, pre- and post-assessments are performed to determine the level of knowledge gained after the class has been completed.

LifeSkills Program

The classes cover a variety of subjects carefully developed to:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Teach choice and self-awareness
  • Develop independent thinking
  • Stimulate lifelong learning
  • Encourage new interests and hobbies
  • Offer opportunities for creativity
  • Promote self-advocacy
  • Identify and achieve future life goals