SOARR: Getting Started

Recovery is possible and it can begin here.

The first step to accessing services is to identify your funding source.

If you are paying for the services:

If you do not currently have insurance or you’re not sure if you qualify for additional insurance benefits, please see either or the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, using the links below. These websites provide further information on Medicaid insurance eligibility and how to apply:

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services


Once your funding is secured

Please contact the intake Coordinator by clicking on the Contact Us button or calling 847-872-1700. The Intake Coordinator will work with you to identify interests, explore options, schedule a tour, and complete the necessary paperwork.

Moving On Program

To be eligible for Moving On, you must currently have resided in a nursing facility or intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled for at least 90 days, currently be receiving Medicaid or be eligible for it, and be able to be safely supported in the community and move to a qualified housing setting.

Also, you must be interested in moving to qualified community housing. Housing includes a home owned or leased by the individual or family, an apartment with an individual lease, or a community setting with no more than four unrelated individuals. A Supportive Living Program facility may be a housing option for individuals age 65 and older.

SOARR Program

Have any questions or concerns?

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