The “Expressability Art” Therapy Program

The NorthPointe Resources Art Therapy Program encourages and reinforces independent creative expression through the use of creative arts, movement, and imagination.

NorthPointe’s Art Therapy Program provides individual services as well as group classes, and honors all acts and expressions made by the artists as authentic expressions of self.

The art therapist works with the artists as they explore the role that creative arts can have on developing personal empowerment, coping skills for life’s challenges, and in finding fulfillment.

Why Art Therapy is Important

Art therapy is art-based clinical treatment where art is used as an integrative tool for encouraging creative ways that go beyond verbal expression. Art therapy provides avenues for exploring, expressing, and processing feelings, skill building, psycho-social education, and symptom management. Through creative acts of art, communicative expression can be developed.

Art therapists are commonly artists themselves. Therefore, they have an innate understanding of art materials and how the therapeutic qualities of art materials affect clients emotionally and physically within therapeutic services.

Art Therapy Program