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Top Box Foods

NorthPointe Resources and Top Box Foods Give Back to the Community

At Top Box Foods Express, it’s all about community. They engage and empower neighborhood leaders, partners, and volunteers to join together to make healthy affordable food accessible to all. Started by Founders, Chris and Sheila Kennedy, together they share the passion to improve the lives of others and help those who struggle to provide vital nutrition for their families. Started in May of 2012, Top Box Foods has been delivering the mission of creating access to healthy and affordable foods by working with communities in Chicago and Lake County, IL as well as in New Orleans, LA. In October 2015, Top Box Foods brought their food distribution program to Zion.


Keith (left) and Harold (right) were all smiles as they took a break to take a picture of Top Box Foods founder Chris Kennedy (center).

How It Works

Top Box Foods Express buys fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen meats, poultry, and fish from trusted vendors in bulk to keep costs low. They then bundle the food in boxes and work together with volunteers, churches, community organizations, housing facilities, schools, and community leaders to spread the word about these tremendous savings. People show up at convenient community delivery locations in Lake County every month and purchase boxes on site to bring home and enjoy!

How Is NorthPointe Resources Involved?

Through their involvement with the Zion-Benton Coalition for Healthy Communities, NorthPointe learned of Top Box Express and knew they wanted to be involved. The people living in NorthPointe’s community homes benefit from the availability of fresh produce and quality meat products at an affordable price. NorthPointe’s staff also take advantage of the opportunity to obtain quality food at excellent prices. Additionally, Day Program participants at NorthPointe’s Killian Center are able to give back to the community by volunteering. Each month staff from NorthPointe bring a group of program participants to the Shiloh Center on pick-up day to help buyers get their purchases to their vehicles.

For more information about Top Box Foods Express visit: http://www.topboxfoods.com/lake-county-northern-illinois/home.


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