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Zion, IL

NorthPointe Resources Expands Employment Resources Services to Southeastern Wisconsin.

Expanding their commitment to providing job opportunities for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and/or mental illness (MI), NorthPointe Resources recently announced their official expansion of the Employment Resources program to Southeastern Wisconsin. Accompanying their preexisting services across Northern Cook, McHenry and Lake Counties, the organization will now provide services in Kenosha, Walworth, and Racine Counties.

“It’s really exciting to have the opportunity to broaden our reach in terms of assisting individuals earn meaningful employment in their communities,” NorthPointe Program Vice-President Kristen Hudrick said, “we have had great success getting individuals hired in Illinois, and we are excited to now offer these programs in Wisconsin.”

NorthPointe’s Employment Resources services provide people with I/DD and or MI specialized training designed to prepare candidates to successfully navigate their careers. Through personalized plans focused on individual strengths, participants receive support tailored to help reach their goals. Services include job shadowing, internships or temporary work, systematic instruction, job preparation, development and placement.

The program is intended to consider several factors ranging from the individuals knowledge and capabilities to the company’s culture and expectations in order to ensure candidates receive the optimal position for them.  By carefully matching potential candidates with the right companies, candidates can make a positive impact in the organization from day one. In addition to helping prepare for and apply to jobs, support services also include access to job coaches who provide on-the-job training (OJT) and off-site job coaching if needed.

Established in 1953, NorthPointe Resources is a premier provider of a full range of award-winning programs for people with disabilities and/or mental illness living in northern Illinois, supporting approximately 500 people annually. To learn more please visit

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