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Zion, Illinois

NorthPointe Resources artists receive commission for original artwork from CorTech International

Recently, NorthPointe Resources was approached by CorTech International’s Senior Vice President, Kathy Greco, to create artwork for their corporate office. The commission was a result of Ms. Greco seeing the artwork displayed in the office of NorthPointe’s CEO, Dina Donohue-Chase created by program participants.

“I was impressed by the level of creativity and professionalism in the paintings. As a result, four paintings were commissioned so we could have beautiful artwork in our corporate offices. What is great is that at the same time we are supporting the community and an organization dedicated to social good,” said Ms. Greco.

NorthPointe has long offered opportunities for artists with disabilities and mental illness to create outstanding artwork through a variety of classes and activities. Paintings and photographs have been sold at various events as well as through the NorthPointe website and have received nationwide recognition. In fact, the three paintings in Ms. Donohue-Chase’s office is a series of four, and the fourth painting hangs in the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CARF-CACC) building in Washington DC.

The art program recently changed its name to ARTstanding. The artists work in a variety of mediums and on a variety of subjects. In addition, creating “art for sale” is being offered as an entrepreneurial option for NorthPointe’s micro-enterprise class participants.

For the CorTech project, Tom Brost, NorthPointe’s Creative Careers Manager, gathered four groups of artists to fulfill the commission. “Everyone involved was eager to showcase their artistic talent and excited to learn that their artwork will be hanging in a corporate office,” said Mr. Brost, “These are incredibly talented artists, and they create amazing art.” Upon reviewing the art, Ms. Greco stated, “The artwork exceeded our expectations.”

NorthPointe staff works closely with the artists and carefully curates artwork offered for sale. “I am very excited and thrilled for the artists,” said Ms. Donohue-Chase. “Not only does this present an income opportunity for the artists, but also a new source of confidence,” she said. “In general, our goal is to create a win/win opportunity for everyone involved ̶ celebrating the creative strengths of the artist while offering original, inspirational artwork for the workplace.”

“We realized that there are many companies with corporate social responsibility initiatives that genuinely want to support the community — the ‘ARTstanding’ arts program provides a resource for quality artwork for corporations and businesses (as well as community members) to purchase and display,” stated Ms. Donohue-Chase. “The positive results for businesses are numerous and include client retention and employee satisfaction.”

“What a wonderful opportunity this represents for businesses nationwide to support their communities while being exposed to original works of art,” stated Ms. Greco.

Things are moving much faster than expected. “We haven’t completed our ARTstanding web-page and another national corporation is already interested in commissioning artwork for their office,” stated Donohue.

Established in 1953, NorthPointe Resources is a premier provider of a full range of award-winning programs for people with disabilities and/or mental illness living in northern Illinois, supporting approximately 500 people annually. To learn more please visit

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