TableTop Growers | Inspiration for a better world

Giving people with disabilities the opportunity to secure income through the care and sale of plants.

Plants in your home or office make good sense in many ways.
From cleaning the air to enhancing your home or company’s brand image, numerous studies have found the benefits of plants in the office are both physical & psychological. We offer a variety of easy-to-care-for plants, potted and cared for by our gardeners that are perfect for the home or office for sale at the Killian Center. Click here to learn more.

Growing and nurturing plants offers program participants an alternative way to earn an income.
TABLETOP GROWERS can work together in small groups or individually to grow and nurture plants. The TableTop instructor teaches participants how to grow plants from cuttings, pot and re-pot plants, feed and water plants, the importance of lighting, etc. Participants can take the skills they learn to care for plants in their home and the homes of other community member and businesses.

TableTop Growers was developed to offer program participants a skill to learn. This can translate to  an alternative way from traditional employment to earn an income which translates to less dependency on supportive programs and that’s a win/win for everyone.