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NorthPointe Resources: A Legacy of Community Enrichment

Developmental Disabilities Services



1950s: Unwilling to institutionalize his daughter Carolyn, in 1953 Wayne Pollard gathered a group of parents with children with disabilities to start the first chartered educational and training program in Lake County. The Lake County Educational Society for Retarded Children is established.


1960s: Federal legislation is passed mandating public education through age 21 for people with disabilities. NorthPointe expands services opening a preschool for children with disabilities. In 1965, the organization moves from Zion to Waukegan.


1970s: In 1975, NorthPointe opens a second location in Zion. Services now include young adults and sheltered workshop services continue to grow in response to the work/training needs. To consolidate programs, we move to the larger Warwick building in Zion.


1980s: NorthPointe introduces a progressive model of multi-vocational programs. A 72,000-sq.-ft. building is purchased in 1984 and is named in honor of major donor Bob Killian. Community integrated and supported residential services begin.


1990s: The residential program grows to support 75 men and women. The Employment Resources program is established to help individuals find community employment.


2000s: We officially change our name to “NorthPointe Resources, Inc.” A person-centered planning model is embraced. Services expand to include a senior program, home-based and high school transition services as well as talk and art therapy services.


Behavioral Health Services 


Children and Youth

1990s: NorthPointe Resources began providing mental health services in 1998 as a result of a grant that offered vocational training to individuals residing in nursing homes struggling with mental health issues.

Community-Based Services

2000s: Services grew and comprehensive treatment programs were added as the face of mental health support expanded in the state of Illinois. At this time, NorthPointe began to offer mental health services in the form of individual and group community support as well as individual and group therapy and counseling.

In 2008 NorthPointe was awarded the Caregiver Connection Grant for the first time. This grant allows the organization to serve Lake County by providing support service for parents and caregivers of children through age 5 who are experiencing social and emotional adjustment issues. NorthPointe has since revived the grant annually.

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2010s: In 2015 The Williams Consent Decree provided the groundwork for NorthPointe to expand its program by collaborating with the New Foundations Center to transition people with mental illness from institutions or nursing homes into community-based settings. This is known as the Moving On program.

In 2017 NorthPointe successfully launched the SOARR website and expanded its programs once again to include services for Youth and Young Adults, as well as art therapy.