Community Support through
Business Partnerships & Pro Bono Work

In praise of our heroes.

Featured Partner:

Forest & Found is both a wonderful resource for unique, pre-owned items and a nonprofit organization that supports other local community organizations. Utilizing the proceeds from their resale store, they provide funds to support the work of local charities including NorthPointe.

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CDW provides NorthPointe Resources with invaluable professional marketing and printing services. Their support has enabled NorthPointe to reach new levels of quality and professionalism.

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Bryan Winter

Bryan Winter


Attorney Bryan Winter from Fuqua, Winter, and Stiles Ltd. continues to support NorthPointe through his professional legal support and advice, providing information that helps NorthPointe with legal issues and questions.

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“EQ is proud to support such a terrific organization that is really making a difference in people’s lives!  EQ has been very fortunate over the last 12 years, you could even say blessed!  It seemed wrong to keep such nice furniture in storage. It felt very right to give it away so it could be used by such deserving folks. Our two organizations being connected by a Craig’s List ad posting, followed by a quick visit to inspect the furniture and in short order everything worked out so well!” -Glen Hampton

The rummage sale brings both financial and physical donations, which allows NorthPointe to engage in new projects and maintain its quality services.

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