NorthPointe Resources is now part of the Aspire family.
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Business partners in the Community

Our partnerships provide the capacity to achieve what may not otherwise be achieved.

Equestrian Connection
We partner with Equestrian Connection to provide the opportunity for enjoyment and the therapeutic benefits of horse therapy.

Equestrian Connection
Horse therapy can have many benefits. It can improve vertical and horizontal balance, muscle tone, and motor coordination. A person can feel a sense of general well-being, improved self-esteem, and self-confidence. Therapy can also help to reduce feelings of insecurity and fear that in turn will help achieve more confidence in everyday life.

Equestrian Connection classes are held from April through August. This year, NorthPointe will not be riding in June.

Riding classes are held every Friday. There are 7 weeks in this session, at a cost of $27 each, which is a total of $189 per session.

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We partner with Walgreens to provide the opportunity of mailroom/general office training in preparation for community employment.


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Partnering with Meals on Wheels – Chicago encourages individuals to become more involved in the community with volunteer opportunities.

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Top Box Foods engages and empowers our volunteers to work together within the community to help make healthy, affordable food available to all.

Keith (left) and Harold (right) were all smiles as they took a break to take a picture of Top Box Foods founder Chris Kennedy (center).

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