They Deserve More

The Time is Now!

NorthPointe Resources Joins They Deserve More Campaign

NorthPointe Resources and a statewide coalition of people with disabilities, families, service providers, and advocacy organizations need your immediate help!

Without a substantial increase in state funding to allow for increased wages for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), the staff vacancy crisis in community agencies poses a constantly growing threat to the health and safety of people with disabilities and will inevitably result in tragedies that could have been prevented. Inadequate rates have resulted in agencies experiencing a staffing crisis with open positions currently as high as 30%.

Agencies that support people with disabilities are deeply disappointed with the Republican state budget blueprint. By offering only a 50-cents-an-hour increase for disability caregivers (DSPs) who are paid poverty wages and haven’t had a raise in almost a decade, the Republican proposal—like the Democratic Senate Bill 6—falls far short of what disability service providers urgently need and the people they care for deserve.

The Republican plan also fails to mention any new revenue measures needed to support its proposed spending. The FY 18 budget must include adequate revenue increases to reverse the state’s neglect of social services and meet its obligations.

For people with disabilities and their families who rely on community agencies, the lack of a budget is no longer a problem, it’s a catastrophe. Community homes are closing, hundreds of caregiver positions are going unfilled, and nearly 20,000 children and adults with disabilities are stuck on a waiting list with no services.

We urge state legislators and the governor to come together on a plan that provides a living wage for those who care for children and adults with disabilities.

People with disabilities deserve more…they need caregivers who earn a living wage. NorthPointe’s staff needs your support.

Click here to send a message to the Governor, State Senator and State Representative!

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