Micro-Enterprise Program

Through self-employment, participants are given the opportunity to utilize their talents and creativity in creating a small business.

Many people with disabilities have a unique life experience that can provide specific insight to a market opportunity others might overlook. Perhaps an opportunity to provide a particular good or service within the disability community—or maybe a realization of a particular interest, talent, or competency in a certain area—can develop a desire to try self-employment.


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Our Micro-Enterprise Program helps to bring ideas to life by assisting participants interested in starting their own businesses. Individuals learn to develop and execute a micro-enterprise business based upon their own strengths and resources. Staff provides assistance with market research, writing business plans, brand identity and development, marketing, sales, and banking.

Business-owner program participants work with staff to establish an individualized plan for their business, and work together as a team so personal and business goals can be met.


At NorthPointe, we believe it is important to offer a variety of engaging and rewarding life careers—one of which is micro-enterprise. The favorable outcome options of operating a micro-enterprise business can include:

  • Increased range of choices
  • Equal or more income
  • More time and engagement
  • Increased integration
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Improved quality of life
  • Possibility of growth into serious income
  • Chance of creating passive income
  • Prospect of becoming an employer

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