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Whether you are looking for a job in the community, an opportunity for work training, or a chance to expand your interests and creativity, our Choice program offers options to fit your interests and needs.

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Smile Mark Players

The Smile Mark Players presented NorthPointe’s Got Talent on Friday, May 19, 2017. The performance was held at the auditorium at Christ Community Church. The Smile Mark Players showcased their many talents – musical performances, joke telling, Tae Kwon Do, and poetry. A huge thank you to all those who were in the audience, and to everyone who supports the actors every day in the numerous programs and services they participate in. 

This celebration of unique talents was one of a kind! The excitement and energy that the performers brought on stage spread smiles throughout the crowd! Please take the time to congratulate the actors on their performance and involvement in this year’s performance!

A special thank you to Tom Brost, who directed the performance. Tom’s dedication and creativity created an opportunity for the actors to express themselves on stage, through music. To anyone else that helped with the success of this event – THANK YOU!