Art that Inspires.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

Art communicates universally. The language spoken, the ability or disability one may have, nationality, how one identifies or their age is not a factor. Art is the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using skill and imagination.

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Stand Out with Socially Responsible Artwork

Looking for unique artwork for your home or business?

“Stunning.” “Inspiring.” “Awesome.” These are some of the words personal collectors and corporations have used to describe artwork they purchased from ART360 artists.

What is ART360? It celebrates the creative strengths of artists with disabilities and/or mental illness who choose art as a means to communicate with the world. The results are both inspirational and a unique resource for one-of-a-kind artwork. Clients can commission artwork or choose from a wide selection of art in our gallery at the Killian Center. Purchases promote awareness, community, and opportunity for artists through the recognition and sale of their artwork.

ART360 utilizes a “Circle for Good” concept. Artists earn income from the profit of each sale, a percentage goes to the client’s non-profit of choice, and the remaining portion is used to further NorthPointe’s mission.

To learn more about ART360:

Email: Kathy Greco or call: 847-731-5708

ART360 Featured Artist: JAMES CANSLER

“I am African-American, and I enjoy painting, drawing, and freestyle rap. Painting makes me happy. When I paint, I close my eyes and visualize myself on an island, painting. That’s how I pick out my colors. I paint all the things I see around me and that’s where I get my creativity. I am inspired by
the works of Picasso – the first time I saw his work, I wanted to paint.”

Artistic Approach
James incorporates elements of texture and color in his paintings, as well as principles of variety
and balance. James works on his paintings in stages, taking breaks after each portion he completes,
evaluating his progress and make sure he’s maintaining his vision of the completed project.

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Awards Include

In 2004 fifteen artists with disabilities collaborated on four outstanding paintings depicting each season. Utilizing their preferred mediums of either brush, hand application, sponge, or string, the resulting work revealed an amalgam of perspectives of each seasons respective energy. Of the four seasons, Summer was chosen from more than 2,000 entries to be awarded the honor of being permanently displayed in the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CARF-CACC) building in Washington DC. 

ART360 Commissions Include

Enterprise Rent-A-Car commissions artwork from NorthPointe Resources 

While visiting NorthPointe Resources Enterprise Fleet Management Account ExecutiveChristine Cortina was impressed with artwork created by NorthPointe’s program participants and thought original commissioned artwork would be ideal for their new space in Oakbrook. “I was impressed by the creativity in the paintings,” said Ms. Cortina, “having the opportunity to decorate our office while simultaneously supporting social good was appealing.”

CorTech International purchases artwork from NorthPointe

CorTech International’s Senior Vice President Kathy Greco was impressed by the artwork decorating NorthPointe. After learning it was painted by NorthPointe’s artists, she commissioned artwork for CorTech’s corporate office. “I was impressed by the level of creativity and professionalism in the paintings. As a result, four paintings were commissioned so we could have beautiful artwork and while simultaneously supporting the community and an organization dedicated to social good,” stated Ms. Greco. Click here to read more.