ART 360

Make your business be an agent of change by choosing socially responsible artwork

The new ART 360 program, launched in 2017, offers people with disabilities and/or mental illness the chance to secure income through the sale of their paintings. 

Utilizing “The Circle for Good” model, artists are compensated when their work is sold, a portion is used to further our mission and a percentage is given to the clients to donate to their non-profit of choice.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Art communicates universally. The language spoken, the ability or disability one may have, nationality, how one identifies or their age is not a factor. Art is the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using skill and imagination.

Engaging ART 360 “Circle of Good”

ART 360 provides a resource for quality artwork for corporations and businesses to purchase and display. The positive results are numerous including client retention and employee satisfaction. Artwork for private collections is also available.

NorthPointe staff works closely with the artists and carefully curates artwork that is offered for sale or commissioned by a business or corporation.

Utilizing the “Circle for Good,” every artist earns 55% from the profit of the sale. NorthPointe uses the remaining 45% to further our mission. In addition, 2.5% of the artist’s earnings as well as 2.5% of NorthPointe’s portion goes to the client’s agency of choice.

Our goal is to create a win/win opportunity for everyone involved and celebrate the creative strengths of the artist while offering original, inspirational artwork for the workplace.

Make your business stand out with socially responsible artwork

CorTech International purchase artwork from NorthPointe

CorTech International’s Senior Vice President, Kathy Greco, was very impressed with the artwork  displayed in NorthPointe’s CEO Dina Donohue-Chase’s office. After learning it was painted by NorthPointe’s program participants she commissioned the artists to create artwork for CorTech’s corporate office.

“I was impressed by the level of creativity and professionalism in the paintings. As a result, four paintings were commissioned so we could have beautiful artwork in our corporate offices. What is great is that at the same time we are supporting the community and an organization dedicated to social good,” stated Ms. Greco.

Award Winning Art

In 2004 a collaborative effort by fifteen artist with severe and profound disabilities resulted in four outstanding paintings depicting the four seasons. The artists chose the colors and applied the paint through their preferred medium of either brush, hand application, sponge or utilizing string. The resulting dynamics of the paintings give a unique perspective of calm and energy. Of the four seasons, Summer was chosen from more than 2,000 entries to be awarded the honor of being permanently displayed in the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CARF-CACC) building in Washington DC. The remaining four are currently displayed in the office of NorthPointe’s CEO.