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NorthPointe History from 1953 to 2013 

 In 1953 Wayne Pollard, on behalf of his daughter Carolyn, asked  the question...“What quality of life choices exist for a person with a  disability?”  He sadly discovered there were no options other than institutional  care, where  warehousing over 5,000 people was common. 

 Wayne had a vision—what if people with disabilities had opportunities to  realize their  dreams through a person-centered plan, so that they can have  the same options to  live, work and be contributing members in their  community—just like you? He  decided  to make this vision his mission. 

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we are confirming that Wayne’s vision for Carolyn is a reality that has continued successfully for 60 years, and thousands of people with disabilities have access to a meaningful quality of life. 

The Lake County Educational Society for Retarded Children is established. Located in the Zion Catholic College, seven children attend classes taught by two teachers. The needs kept growing and four schools are added and a program for teens is opened in Round Lake.



 Legislation is passed mandating public education through age 21 for the  disabled. Lake County starts special education classes, gradually absorbing our  students. Programs expand and a pre-school for children with special needs is  opened. In 1965, we move to the Rosenwald Cottage in Bowen Park, Waukegan  and remain there for 16 years. The agency’s name is changed to “Lake County  Society for the Retarded.”


In 1975, NorthPointe opens a second location in the old Zion Roller Rink. ShelteredWorkshop services continued to grow in response to the work-training needs. Because of the growth, a new location with double the space was found, programs were consolidated, and we move to the (old) Warwick building in Zion

 A progressive model of multi-vocational programs is introduced, leaving  behind a “simpleSheltered Workshop philosophy”.  Programs include  developmental training, independent living skills classes, and evaluation,  work adjustment training and supported employment. In 1984, a 72,000  square foot building, The Killian Center, is purchased to help meet growing  needs. NorthPointe initiates supported residential services and four  individuals are given the opportunity for independent living.



The residential program grows to supporting 75 men and women in homes throughout the community. Vocational services expand to include community work crews, business partnerships, career planning and corporate educational seminars. A new Psycho-Social Rehabilitation program is initiated to assist persons with mental illness re-integrate into the community.


 Our mission is redefined to focus on the empowerment of the individuals  we serve;NorthPointe embraced a person-centered planning model, and  officially change its name to “NorthPointe Resources, Inc.” A new high  school transition service is implemented as well as a Seniors Program.




NorthPointe launches a Health & Fitness program “HeathMatters” and it catches attention across the nation. In 2010 The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development awards a $1,000,000 grant in which NorthPointe assumes a leadership role. A year later, NorthPointe is chosen to receive a grant to implement diabetes awareness for children across Illinois.


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